We set fair prices for quality work and great service. We are proud to share our estimates

Why are these estimates in ranges?

We use ranges to account for differences in strategies, case urgency, availability of evidence, positive or negative equities and other factors. Each case is unique.

Why don't most other attorneys provide fee estimates before I pay for a consultation?

Law is a lot like medicine. Doctors don't know if a patient will need Tylenol or surgery to treat a headache before studying the case. Similiary we don't know if a case will resolve after one interview or years of litigation without studying the case. Immigration law  is complex. A small detail can change the type of case and the strategy.


Are we the cheapest?

No. We believe that everyone deserves access to the legal system and representation. There are many organizations that provide free representation. We are happy to provide referrals based on your needs. Please give us a call and one of our attorneys will help identify other service providers appropriate for your needs. 

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